quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2019


We have updated the group stage of World Cup Qualifiers - Europe.

In the group stage, each team has only 3 games.

Teams “A” and “B” have 2 home games, while teams “C” and “D” have only 1 home game.

Pot 1 is used to define which teams get "A" or "B" designation.

Pot 2 is used to define which teams get “C” or “D” designation.

quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2019


The purpose of this proposal is to use the UEFA League of Nations to do the World Cup Qualifiers - Europe.
Using the UEFA League of Nations for this achievement, and for UEFA EURO Qualifiers (another project presented by us), it would make the UEFA League of Nations the most important UEFA completion for national teams. We would have UEFA League of Nations every year, with a Champion every two years, following the need for the qualifications for the EURO or World Cup. That would be synonymous of significantly improving television rights and sponsor earnings.
The UEFA Nations League would have 3 leagues (A, B and C). The leagues A and B would have 4 teams in each group. The league C would have three groups with six and one with five teams.
Depending on the UEFA League Nations classification the teams would have secured a seat in the World Cup or would have the possibility to dispute World Cup Qualifiers - Europe.
With this new UEFA League of Nations format, being in League A when we are qualifying for the World Cup, would be a guarantee of World Cup Qualifiers dispute. All teams would fight to be in the leagues A and B, making UEFA League of Nations more challenging and interesting. A possible relegation to League C may mean a farewell to the World Cup.
The top two in each group in League A would have assured their presence in World Cup. It seems a fair prize for its performance.
The League C would be able to promote to League B the top two in each group. The first-placed in each group would have to play a preliminary round with the third-place from League B. This situation seems fair and balanced.
Please see the pages with the individual explanations of each league and qualifications for World Cup (bar above).
Do not miss our other project for the use of the UEFA League of Nations for EURO qualifiers.